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Culture, tradition and fashion

Backpacks Backpacks


Exclusive hand-woven backpacks by artisans from the Wayuú indigenous community.

Filigree Filigree


Unique jewels made with gold and silver threads; ancestral goldsmith technique of Mompox.

Necklaces Necklaces


Innovative necklaces made 100% by hand by artisans from the Embera indigenous community.

Iraca Iraca


Fine craftsmanship from Iraca bud, one of the most beautiful and delicate in Colombia.

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Carol Pedraza Rodríguez was born in Chía, Cundinamarca, a fantastic town located on the outskirts of Bogotá D.C. She is Mariana’s mother and is a lawyer graduated from the University of La Sabana with postgraduate studies at the University of Rosario.

Carol has had a special sensitivity for social responsibility, which translates into helping to build a better country; in that sense she is passionate about contributing through her profession, with this exercise of responsibility that concerns us all. Taking into account that for the last 14 years Carol has served as a public servant and has held positions of responsibility in the National Government, she has had the opportunity (and the fortune) to know, re-know and travel her country, its reality and provide personalized legal advice in the different regions of Colombia.

Her other great passion is to know, admire and value the cultural and ancestral wealth of the various communities, especially those of her country. This is how she decides, since 2018, to work hand in hand with families of artisans, understanding and respecting their environment and culture. Among the communities she works with are those of the Rom or Gypsy people and indigenous communities, among others. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to proudly bring, to every corner of homes in Colombia and around the world its exclusive crafts. In the same way, contribute to the sustainable development of its economy; disseminate their art and preserve their culture and ancestral traditions.

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The personal bond with the communities, the understanding of their environment and their culture, is essential to create exclusive designs, preserving their traditions and beliefs.



Treasure the memories of your trips or events, with handmade reminders that make a difference.

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With your purchase you support those who perpetuate our cultural heritage with their hands.